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Protect your B2B trades with escrow smart contracts

Trade safely goods, services, NFTs, online accounts, domains and more

Uniscrow creates digital escrow accounts backed by cryptography and blockchain smart contracts. No intermediaries, just code. Totally secure and absolutely verifiable.

Here’s how it works, as simple as counting to five.

1. As a seller, you prepare the offer and we create the escrow smart contract on the Polygon chain.

Define the details of your offer, create the escrow and invite your customer to join it. We recommend to attach a pdf containing the precise specifications of the work to be done or of the object to be shipped.

2. As a buyer, you accept the terms and send the payment in USDC stablecoin to the smart contract.

Before sending money to a counterparty, ask the seller to sign up for Uniscrow and to establish an escrow account. Once their escrow wallet is created, the buyer can safely deposit the funds knowing that they are locked until the contractual milestone is reached.

3. Funds are stored and segregated in a smart contract on Polygon chain.

By depositing funds into one of our escrow smart contracts, they are transferred to a secure, virtual account and protected by a private key. Plus, the transparency and immutability of the blockchain ensure that our customers can trust that their funds are safe and secure. This is why we qualify our operations as “mathematically provable segregation”. Read more ….

4. As a seller you notify the delivery is done or the milestone reached

Within Uniscrow you can notify that your milestone is met or the goods are shipped. No more delayed payments! The buyer has 14 days to approve or to ask for a rework or open a dispute. After such a deadline the funds are automatically unlocked to the seller. Read more …

5. As a buyer, you approve the deliverable and unlock the payment to the seller. The transaction is complete!

As a buyer, you want to check the deliverable and then approve the transaction to go through. Your approval would trigger the condition to unlock the funds to the seller.

Please be advised that:

1. we don’t serve US persons and all users in sanctioned countries

2. we require users to pass KYC

3. we do not allow transactions for any cracked software or other illicit content on Uniscrow

4. our escrow smart contracts only processes payments in USDC stablecoin on the Polygon network

​If one or more the above requirements are in tension with your business, please contact us before creating an account.

Our process is simple yet effective. Once a buyer and seller agree on the terms of a transaction, the buyer sends the payment to our secure escrow account. We then verify the payment and notify the seller to ship the item or release the digital assets. Once the buyer receives and approves the item, we release the funds to the seller.

Our escrow service offers a range of benefits to both buyers and sellers. For buyers, our service provides an added layer of security, ensuring that funds are only released once the item has been received and approved. For sellers, our service provides protection against fraudulent buyers and chargebacks.

We take the protection of our client’s funds and personal information seriously. Our platform utilizes the latest in secure technology and encryption to ensure that all transactions are safe and private.

Don’t take any chances with your transactions. Choose our escrow service for a secure and trusted transaction experience.

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Fees from 1.8% and as low as 1% depending on volume.